Friday, September 5, 2014

Autumn Ahead

6x6 Oil on panel

I worried a bit that I hadn't really settled on a theme prior to this challenge.  Now, I think one may be emergIng.  I tend to paint the places I love- those where I live or spend time with family and friends.  I live in the Boston area- rich with history and scenery, architecture, seaside spaces, rolling farmland, city life.  Very diverse.  When we travel, it is to be with family in Ohio or to Florida or Pennsylvania.  Lots of ground to cover.  This is a spot near Concord, MA that I captured in a photo last fall.  I'll work on a few of these over the next month.  Fall is on the way in all of its colorful splendor soon.  Something to look forward to.  Plein air fun ahead!

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