Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Returning to My Best Self

 After a long and difficult winter, I have reopened my summer studio, swept the spiders to their outdoor home, cleaned the windows, rid the kyacks, bikes, yard furniture, hammocks, etc.   I am happy.  My work at my university took me under this winter - too many challenges to leave room for painting.  Too little silence, too few opportunities to take time for art play.  I missed it.  I miss the silliness of believing that I can paint and share something I have noticed.  Yesterday I went to a local landing overlooking one of the many marshes here on Cape Cod, took a deep breath, and did this little 8x8 piece.  Along the way, I met a young family and took some pics of two adorable kids collecting shells- today's paintings await.  I sincerely hope to be more regular as a painter and share the ongoing adventure.  Happy summer!

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